Vortex Tube And Industrial Spot Cooling

Convert your compressed air to very cold air (as low as minus 40 degrees) for industrial spot cooling

Vortex Tubes

Vortex Tubes are an effective, low-cost solution to a wide variety of industrial spot and process cooling needs.

Cabinet Enclosure Coolers

Wide Range of Maintenance from Panel Coolers, Ideal for Harsh Environments Cool Control Panels, Cabinets & Other Enclosures

Silent X-Stream™ Panel Coolers

Reduce Noise Levels To 64 dba Or More And Prevent Downtime Due To Overheating Electronic Control Panels

Adjustable Spot Coolers

Vary Temperature & Flow for Spot Cooling Ideal for Lab & Testing Where Spot Cooling is Required

Mini Coolers

Spot Cool Small Areas Nozzle Cooling, Small Parts

Tool Cooling System

Cool Tools in Dry Machining Routing, Cutting, Drilling or Cleaning, Glass, Titanium & Other Materials

Mist Tool Cooling System

Cool Tools when Lubrication is required. Reduces lubricant use up to 20%