Static Control Power Supplies

Various Power Supplies to Work with Static Bars and Other Ionization Devices


A Low Cost but powerful static eliminator that rapidly removes static charge and cleans.
The Standard Air Blade™ Ionizer combines the superior designed Standard Air Blade™ Air Knife the quality Haug static bars – the RN bar for most applications or the extra strong VS bars (Triple X versions) for very high static charges and extremely high speeds. The standard Air-Blade™ Air Knife uses slightly more compressed air than the Silent X-Stream™ Air Blade™ and has a higher sound level but still produces a powerful, and adjustable force with “laminar” flow to eliminate charges in applications where static bars cannot reach or where high speeds are a factor.

High Voltage Power Pack Transformers EN-C (2 outlet) and EN-C4 (4 outlet)

Static Control Power Supply EN-C type High Voltage Power Pack. The integrated high-voltage transformer coverts applied mains voltage to approx. 7,000 to 8,000 volts. The unit is equipped with two or four high-voltage terminals and integrated on – off pilot lamp. Transformers are equipped with a modular-type highvoltage transformer. It consists of three main modules, all of which can be replaced individually. This unit is electrically approved for North American installations.

S-LINE Power Pack EN SL

The S-Line power pack comes with two high-voltage connections and meets both North American and European standards. The integrated high-voltage transformer coverts applied mains voltage to approx. 7,000 to 8,000 volts. Integrated on – off pilot lamp. S-Line power pack EN SL LC – Same as the SL, but with integrated full-electronic function monitoring to constantly monitor all functions of the ionizing system. It alerts the operator of any irregularities by causing the LED indicator integrated in the housing to flash EN SL RLC – Identical in all technical aspects to the EN SL LC plus a signal socket above the earthing sleeve. A fault message can be connected to the signal socket.

Multistat Power Supply

 The Multistat power pack provides the optimum in power pack performance and monitoring. The Multistat EX is approved for explosion proof applications (but must be mounted outside the explosion proof area).

EN-92 EX Power Supply

 Power pack EN 92 Ex is suitable for direct use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (zones 1 or 2).

The units comply with the International ATEX directives. All high-voltage components are accommodated in a flameproof housing. The power pack EN 92 Ex is equipped with two highvoltage ports for the connection of the ionizing units. No long high-voltage cables are required, as the power pack can be installed in the immediate vicinity of the ionizing unit.




EN-C (2 outlet)

EN-C (4 outlet)


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