Static Control Products

HAUG static control products from Nex Flow™ featuring Haug Static Bars, Haug Air-Blade™ Ionizers, Haug Power Supplies, Haug Air Ionizing Guns, Haug Ionizing Nozzles, Haug Static Testing Equipment and Haug Static Measurement Solutions.

Ion Air Blowers

Remove Static Charge Over Wide Area if Compressed Air is not Available

Ion Air Knives

Blow-off Dust & Debris from Statically Charged Surfaces, Short & Long Lengths

Ion Blaster Beam

Blow-off Dust & Debris From Statically Charged Surfaces, Cone Shaped Profile, for Inside Plastic Pipe, Curved Surfaces Containers

Power Supplies

Various Power Supplies to Work with Static Bars and Other Ionization Devices

Static Eliminator Bars

Standard and More Powerful Static Eliminator Bars

Ionizing Air Gun

Manually Clean Dust & Debris from Statically Charged Surfaces

Ionizing Nozzles

Spot Blow-off from Statically Charged Surfaces

Point Spot Ionizer

Spot “Neutralization” of Static Charge

Static Meters

Products to Ensuring Static Products are Working Effectively