Air Mag™ Air Nozzle

Part Ejection, Blow-off & Cooling


The Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ Air Nozzle is an engineered nozzle with a unique “patent pending design” to assist in focusing the compressed air from the supply line and entrained air from the surroundings to a more sharp laminar flow of air with the highest force per SCFM on the market. This both reduces compressed air energy use and noise levels as compared to open jets and pipe. Even replacing competitive air nozzles can provide significant cost savings in energy and noise levels. The nozzle is of rugged, cast zinc, single piece design ideal for harsh environments

Model 47004AMF – is the first product of the The Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ “patent pending” star profile air amplifying nozzle and has the best force/air consumption ratio known.

Sound Level 74 dbA at 3 ft. (0,91m) at 80 psig (5.5 bar)


  • Part cleaning especially when higher force needed
  • Heavy Chip removal
  • Part drying
  • Liquid blowoff
  • Material conveying
  • Part ejection
  • Air assist


  • Lowest air consumption for force produced
  • Lower noise levels
  • no “whistling” sound *
  • single piece design for extra strength

* even outperformed nozzles using a so-called laval effect but without the annoying whistle that may come with such designs *



Nozzle Comparisons

Force Efficiency of the Nex Flow™ Model 47004AMF Air Mag™ Nozzle Compared to Competitive Versions

Note : Data for Force measured at 6” . Data measurement was done at a college test laboratory utilizing accurate force and flow measurement equipment. All nozzles tested under the same conditions. Published data was not used – only actual measurements made in the lab.

Note: Data for Force measured at 6”

How to Prove for Yourself How Good A Nozzle is :

The Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ nozzle is designed so that the force at a particular pressure will be the same as a competitive nozzle of star profile design.  To compare and prove the superiority of the Nex Flow™ Air Mag™  nozzle this makes it easy by simply replacing the other nozzle and seeing what happens.  To do this, have a pressure regulator and gauge upstream, and if possible a flow meter upstream.  Either have a scale to blow against or just apply it for your particular application.   For each nozzle, adjust the pressure upstream to that it is the same for all nozzles tested.

This is what you can expect…..

If you replace any competitive nozzle, you will probably have to cut back the pressure as you will get more force from theNex Flow™ Air Mag™ nozzle.  This is because the air consumption is “less” at any given pressure which also means less pressure drop in the line as the air flows out through the nozzle.    So you will actually be getting a bit more pressure and force as a result.  You can then cut back the pressure if not needed thereby reducing compressed air use even more.

If you have a flow meter, all nozzles can be tested comparatively.

Alternatively, you can just try the various nozzles and you will find the Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ nozzle to perform better simple because there is less pressure drop since it uses less compressed air, indicating its greater efficiency.

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