Standard (Fixed) Air Amplifiers

Vent, Cool, Blow-off, Light Conveying


The Fixed Standard Air Amplifier from Nex Flow™ is die cast for rugged use. The gap can be adjusted by adding shims, five sizes are available. It is easy to mount and maintain reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. It is quiet, and can amplify flows up to 16 times their input air consumption rate


  • Vent welding smoke
  • Cool hot parts
  • Dry wet parts
  • Clean machined parts
  • Distribute heat in molds/ovens
  • Ventilate confined areas
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust tank fumes


  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • No electricity
  • No moving parts – no maintenace
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Instant on/off


Die Cast Standard Air Amplifiers come standard with a .002″ (.05mm) shim to control the compressed air exit gap which will work for 90% of all applications encountered. If greater force is required, more .002″ (.05mm) shims or a .003″ (.07mm) shim may be installed to open the gap for greater flow.

Standard Air Amplifier – Ratios (approx.):

Model AM10: 6.5:1
Model AM20: 14:1
Model AM40: 15:1
Model AM75: 15:1
Model AM125: 16:1

Compressed Air Consumption: (Based on gap of .002″ (/05 mm) except AM125 whch is .004″ (0.1 mm)

VELOCITY OF AIR FLOW FROM STANDARD AIR AMPLFIERS. Based on Gap setting of .002″ (.05 mm)

except for AM125 which is at .004″ (0.1 mm)





Air Consumption

Compressed Air Consumption (Based on gap of 0.002” (.05mm)*) Consumption in SCFM (SLPM)

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PRESSURE vs. VELOCITY AT 12″ FROM OUTLET for all sizes except AM10 which is 6″ FROM OUTLET Ft/min (m/sec)

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Standard Air Amplifier – Ducting : Both the inlet (vacuum intake) and discharge ends of the unit may be ducted for light material and fume conveying applications. Care must be taken to avoid unnecessary restrictions that will cause back pressure or suction resistance that will reduce performance levels. Keep back pressure and resistance to under 2″ of water column.


Standard Air Amplifiers come in five standard outlet (outside) diameters : 3/4″ (19mm), 1-1/4″ (31mm), 2″ (51mm), 4″ (101mm), 8″ (200mm).
* BSP Adaptors Supplied Upon Request Free Of Charge *

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