Air Amplifiers

Vent, Cool, Blow-off, Light Conveying


Nex Flow™ low cost, highly efficient Air amplifiers are inexpensive devicesthat are essentially maintenance free, that are used to “move” or convey fumes, smoke, lightweight material. They move a high volume of air that is used for cooling, blowoff applications and for dryng. They use the “coanda effect” which entrains a large volume of surrounding air while using only a small amount of input compressed air. The resulting effect is an amplified airflow of up to 17 times the compressed air input. The amplification effect depends on the size of the amplifier. The unit essentially convert energy normally lost as npise and rpessure loss into a high velocity and high volume output flow with reduced noise levels.

Standard (Fixed) Air Amplifiers

Nex Flow’s Standard Air Amplifier comes complete with mounting holes for ease of attachment. They are easy to mount and use with virtually no maintenance as no moving parts. They are therefore easy to maintain while reducing both compressed air consumption and noise levels. Cmpressed air enters the Air Ampifier and comes out over several “coanda angles”drawing in surrounding still air, accelerating it to high velocty. The result is that a small volume of compressed air produces a high velocity, high volume, low-pressure output air flow with very high energy, and a significant of volume can be moved as well for venting purposes. Our quiet Air amplifiers can amplify flows up to 17 times depending on the szie of the unit.

Adjustable Air Amplifiers

The adjustable Air Amplifier is anodized aluminum or Stainless Steel for high temperature or food applications. The customer can set the gap and lock it in place using a lock ring. They are used for a variety of applications. Adjustable Air Amplifiers take energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce high velocity, high volume, low pressure output airflow. It is quiet, efficient and can amplify flows up to 17 times the input air consumption rate. As such they are simar in princile as the Standard Air Amplfieir except for the adjustable feature. Applications are similar but they are popular with OEM’s due to this adjustability as well as theur lightweight and compact design.


  • Vent welding smoke
  • Cool hot parts
  • Dry wet parts
  • Clean machined parts
  • Distribute heat in molds/ovens
  • Ventilate confined areas
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust tank fumes


  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • No electricity
  • No moving parts – no maintenace
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Instant on/off

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