Rigid Flex Hose

Rigid Stainless Steel Hose for Blow-off Products


The unique Nex Flow RIGID FLEX Hose is an all stainless steel hose that does not break after a few bends like competitive rubber hoses with simple copper inserts. It is resistant to creep and crimping. Its all stainless construction allows is use in any difficult environment.

The Nex Flow RIGID FLEX Hose is used to flex, direct and then hold in place air nozzles, air jets and other small blow off products TM TM such as our Model 40001 adjustable air amplifier and 3” X-Stream Air Blade Air Knife. The RIGID FLEX Hose can also be used with liquid spray jets.

The rigid flex hose is available in three different sizes 6” (152 mm), 12” (304 mm) and 18”(457 mm) and in two configurations – 1/4″ male NPT welded end connection both ends or 1/4” male NPT welded connection one end and female NPT welded connection other end.



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