Filters with Auto Drain

Filters with Automatic Drains for use with our systems


Model 90001

Filter wi auto drain, 5 micron, 65 SCFM plastic bowl with guard 3/8″

Model 90002

Filter wi auto drain, 5 micron. 220 SCFM metal bowl w siteglass 3/4″

Model 90003

Filter wi. Manual drain, plastic bowl, 27 SCFM 1/4″

Model 90004

Filter wi auto drain, 5 micron. 43 SCFM , plastic bowl 1/4″

Model 90005

Oil Removal Filter wi. Auto drain, 37 SCFM 3/8″

Model 90006

Oil Removal Filter wi. Auto drain, 150 SCFM 3/4″

Model 90007

NEMA 4X Filter wi. Auto drain, 5 micron, 1/4″ NPT

Expel® Water, Oil and Particulate Filter

Many compressed air and even other gaseous systems have problems with water and maybe oil in the lines. Even if systems are well designed and built, somehow water gets into the system. Even if the system has filtration to address water, oil and particulate, another problem arises from lack of care of the filters. Membrane filters need to be checked and maintained.

AVG Mag-Drain

The AVG MAG-Drain removes condensate from compressed air filters. The operation is automatic and there is no compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle.

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