Standard Aluminum / Stainless Steel Ring Vac™

Convey Material Short & Long Distances Ideal for Hopper Loading Material Transfer & Gas Venting


Nex Flow™ Ring Vac™ air operated conveyors come in a variety of sizes and materials and configurations. Anodized aluminum versions from ½” to 3” standard size (and larger for special applications on request) are used to convey all sorts of material over large distances, both vertical and horizontal. 304 stainless and 316L stainless versions are used for food grade and pharmaceutical applications and for use in high temperature and corrosive environments. As these units do use a significant amount of compressed air, they are best applied where the air is available and in particular, intermittent use applications. Some applications only require low pressure to operate minimizing air use. The Ring Vac™ consists of a body, a generator (which creates the venturi effect) and a cap. The unit can be dismantled and easily cleaned if necessary.

Common applications include hopper loading (resin in the plastic industry, bottle caps in bottling), material conveying of all sorts, waste and trim removal, transferring parts from one location to another, chip removal, tensioning fiber, and in filling operations.

The regular Nex Flow™ Ring Vac™ air operated conveyors can be clamped to standard pipe and hose. Threaded versions can be threaded onto regular threaded pipe sizes. 316L stainless Nex Flow™ Ring Vac™ units with sanitary flanges are available for sanitary systems.

The actual rate material is conveyed, is governed by the size, the mass, and the shape of the part to be moved along with the height, and length and number of bends in the system. Nex Flow™ personnel and their trained application engineers worldwide can assist in determining the best size. One special version of the air operated conveyor is the XSPC pneumatic conveyor. This unit is specially designed to convey materials which might clog the system. One example is conveying bunched up textiles which can clump together and get stuck in a regular Ring Vac™ system. The XSPC can convey such material without clogging.

The data required to help choose the correct model are as follows: the diameter or maximum dimension of the part to be conveyed, the diameter of the hose or pipe used to convey the material (if already chosen), the weight or volume rate of conveying desired, and the material of the Ring Vac™ .

Special Nex Flow™ Ring Vac™ units can be made to retrofit existing machinery. As mentioned, there are units available in 316L stainless steel with sanitary flanges. Other styles of flanged units can be manufactured in all sorts of material. For example, special Ring Vac™ units, flanged, were made of Teflon for an application where corrosive gases had to be vented in a scrubber application.

Apart from the Ring Vac™ units and the XSPC version, Nex Flow™ produces some special products which utilize this technology: the Blind Hole cleaning system, the Drum Angel drum pump, and the X-stream™ Hand Vac™


  • Hopper loading
  • Fiber tensioning
  • Material conveying
  • Waste/trim removal
  • Chip removal
  • Part transfer
  • Filling operations


  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • No moving parts
  • Fits standard hose or tube
  • Aluminum or stainless steel
  • High throughput capabality



Air Conveyors – Ring-Vac™ Pneumatic Conveying Systems are available in coated Aluminium, stainless steel and in high temperature stainless steel for high temperature applications. Note: All our stainless steel high temperature Ring-Vac units are rated to 1200ºF (649ºC)

Special materials can be utilized for unique applications. If greater conveying force is required the conveying “generator” can be machined for higher capacities.

NPT Adaptors Available Upon Request



**BSP adaptors supplied upon request free of charge**


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