Heavy Duty X-Stream Ring Vac™

Convey Material Short & Long Distances Ideal for Hopper Loading Material Transfer & Gas Venting


X-Stream™ Air Conveyors – Ring-Vac™ Heavy Duty Pneumatic Conveying System Available in standard and threaded versions for heavy duty applications. Designed for conveying materials over a longer distance both vertically and horizontally. Made of hardened anodized aluminum to prevent premature wear that could occur either an ordinary anodized aluminum or Stainless Steel Ring-Vac™


  • Hopper loading
  • Fiber tensioning
  • Material conveying
  • Waste/trim removal
  • Chip removal
  • Part transfer
  • Filling operations


  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • No moving parts
  • Fits standard hose or tube
  • Aluminum or stainless steel
  • High throughput capabality


Air Conveyors – Heavy Duty X-Stream™ Ring-Vac™ Pneumatic Conveying Systems are available in hard anodized aluminum to handle abrasive materials and boosted in performance over standard Ring Vacs to convey over much greater distances both vertically and horizontally.
Special materials can be utilized for unique applications. If greater conveying force is required the conveying “generator” can be machined for higher capacities.

NPT Adaptors Available Upon Request


**BSP adaptors supplied upon request free of charge**


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