Blind Hole Cleaning System

Protect Faces & Eyes in Blind Hole Cleaning


Blow dirt, chip and debris out of deep blind holes in one easy step. Can clean holes up to 1 inch diameter and 20 inches deep.! Blow guns alone can create potentially hazardous flying debris. All the debris is contained within the unit and passed into a reusable collection bag, protecting the operator.

The Blind Hole Cleaning System consists of a Blind Hole Gun assembly, an adaptor for the diameter of the hole and the nozzle for the particular depth range of hole. The Blind Hole Cleaning Kit includes all hole diameter adaptors, all nozzles as well as a water removal filter with auto drain.


  • No moving parts
  • Driven by air and not electricity
  • Aluminum cast construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Various packages available depending on hole diameter and depth
  • Custom designs available


  • Maintenance Free
  • Safe when used as directed
  • Long Life Durable Ergonometic
  • No Electricity so no shock hazard
  • Low Air consumption


DEEP HOLE CLEANING SYSTEM – comes complete with Cleaning Gun, Aluminum cast
Hole adaptor, nozzle, collection bag c/w hose clamp and plastic hose connection

Complete Kit

NOTE: all standard nozzles below are for minimum inside diameter holes of 7mm. special small nozzles for smaller holes and non-standard cavities are available on request.

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